16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos

16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos
16 Day Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos

16 Day Greek Islands Hopping, Milos, Santorini...

Don't miss the chance to visit the amazing islands of Milos, Santorini, Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos and Delos in this 16-day Greek islands hopping tour! Book this excellent tour package in the Greek Islands we have created for you and get to know the Cycladic culture and architecture, taste the Mediterranean cuisine, swim in the beaches....

With the clear waters in all the shades of blue and green, the white sand, beaches with thousands of shells ... beaches for all tastes! Start by sightseeing in Athens and walking around in Plaka's narrow streets. Dare to go snorkeling around Milos that features a very interesting coastline!

Next stop is in Santorini, considered to be the most romantic destination in Greece. A day cruise to the volcano, at Hot Spring where you can swim and to Thirasia, a wonderful small island, is suggested! This cruise ends with a visit to Oia, in order to have the best sunset of your life!

Visit Κοufonisia that for many are the synonym of summer carelessness since they offer quiet and relaxed holidays. Visit Paros, walk among Parikia’s s streets with the traditional Greek architecture and admire an important ecclesiastical monument Panagia Ekatontapyliani and take the cruise to Antiparos. Visit the island of Dionysus, the ancient god of wine, Naxos, taste its wines and explore its reach history!  Swim at the wonderful beaches of Agios Prokopios or Plaka and visit Portara, the Great Door made of marble at the entrance of the harbor, a unique sightseeing.

Next is the most popular island in Greece, Mykonos! Its sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters, the beach bars and the fascinating night-life, are making Mykonos the most popular destination for celebrities' vacations! Sit back and enjoy your vacation in this a summer resort that equally covers all tourists' requirements! Take the cruise to Delos the sacred island of Apollo and Artemis, an island of great archaeological importance.




  • Our driver will meet and assist you at Athens airport El. Venizelos, and then he will transfer you at your hotel. Overnight in Athens.


  • Our driver will pick you up from your Hotel at 09.00 in order to start Athens City Tour. You will visit the Panathinaiko Stadium where the first Olympic Games took place in 1896, the only stadium built out of white marble, Zappeion and Temple of Olympian Zeus. You will then pass by the Athens Trilogy of Athens, the National Garden, Hadrian's Arc, St. Paul's Church, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Schliemann's House (Numismatic Museum), Catholic Cathedral, Old Parliament, Constitution Square, Russian Orthodox Church, and finally the iconic Acropolis. We will continue the Athens sightseeing, with a visit to the ACROPOLIS museum. You can, also, walk at the beautiful narrow streets at Plaka and Monastiraki to see and admire the Greek culture. Of course a city tour in Athens, is never completed, without a lunch at one of the traditional restaurants that we can advise you, at the area of Plaka! The duration of the tour is about 6 hours. Overnight in Athens.


  • Our driver will meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Piraeus Port to take the Ferry departing at 07.00 for the Island of Milos, arriving there at 09.30. Our driver will meet you at the Milos port and transfer you at your hotel. You will have free time for yourself. The island of Milos is known all over the world for the Marble Statue of The Aphrodite of Milos, the Greek goddess of Love and Beauty and the iconic "postcard-setting" beaches! Volcanic rocks, soft as chalk, formed by the wind and the waves create a colorful scenery with turquoise waters! You should visit the "Pirates' caves" and especially "Kleftiko" where the landscape is simple mesmerizing. You will have the chance to swim through the caves and experience every shade of blue and green as you swim further away from the shore. In the evening, you can also enjoy the magical sunset from the old lighthouse and witness the rainbow - colored houses. The best way not to miss the picturesque scenery of the beaches is by boat where you can witness both the change of colors and the emissions from the dormant volcano. Overnight in Milos.


  • Our driver will meet you at your hotel and transfer you to the port in order to take the boat to start the cruise tour departing at about 09.30. We will pass by the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni with the colorful little houses -called "sirmata"- built by the sea side. Then we will visit Arkoudes, a complex of lava rocks, which is named by its characteristic shape; the form of a bear. Opening the sails we are heading to the impressive cape Vani. We will first stop for swimming to the natural bay of Kalogries that is ideal for diving from the yacht in the transparent turquoise waters. Our next stop is the amazing, colorful beach of Agios Ioannis. The stunning Sikia cave is following, there we will use our snorkeling equipment in order to enjoy the unique place! Our final stop is at the famous old pirate bay Kleftiko with the numerous caves and the transparent waters! We will enjoy swimming and snorkeling and then a tasteful lunch awaits you on board. The days goes to an end with the famous homemade ice-cream by "Aggeliki". You will be back to Adamas port around 19.00 p.m. Overnight in Milos.


  • Our driver will meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Milos Port to take the ferry departing at 09.45 for the famous Santorini Island, where you will arrive at 11.45. Our local driver will meet you at the Santorini port and transfer you at your hotel. You will have free time for yourself. The Cycladic island of Santorini will offer you unrivaled moments. It will excite your senses and exhilarate you to the highest degree. The volcano's black lava greets the whitewashed villages of the caldera. The wild volcanic sculptures merge with the clear-defined Cycladic lines. Welcome to Santorini, the most beautiful and mysterious island of Greece. Plan a boat trip to the island of Kameni, walk in Thira's narrow alleys and indulge in the Chef's gastronomical creations by tasting Santorini's local produce - the tomato, fava, capers and the white eggplant. Above all, you cannot miss Oia's magnificent sunset, that magical hour of the day when the light makes everything look more beautiful.  A totally worthwhile experience! Overnight in Santorini.


  • Pick you up from your hotel after noon to have our first stop at the famous volcano of Santorini! Should you are interested to be guided at the volcano. Then, you will walk to the volcano’s ridge with your guide and he is going to explain you everything about the history and the geology of the volcano. You will stay at the volcanic island for 1.5hr and in the end you will embark again to our boat for the next stop. Our next stop will be the island of Palea Kameni where the famous hot springs are located on the west side. We will stop there for 30min at a distance of 30 meters from the shallow waters of Agios Nicholaos’ beach. Dinner on Board Sailing above the underwater craters from Palia Kameni to Thirasia Island, the boat will anchor close to the island in order to enjoy your dinner. Our experienced staff will prepare everything for you so as to relax and enjoy our Greek tasteful buffet while capturing amazing photos of the Aegean Sea. The end of the excursion comes on sunset time. Our boat will stop very close to Oia village where you will have the chance to watch the warm light of the setting sun under the violet sky before the night falls. This is the most unforgettable experience as the Caldera and the village of Oia will turn into gold color. Dinner includes: traditional Greek salad, Tzatziki sauce, chicken roll and pork roll with baked potatoes and rice, local white wine and fresh fruits.. Overnight in Santorini.


  • Enjoy the morning until our driver meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Santorini port to take the ferry to Koufonisia departing at 12.05. You will reach at the Island of Koufonisia at 13.55. In walking distances, you will reach at the hotel. Overnight in Koufonisia.


  • Koufonisia is considered to be the hidden gem of the Cyclades. This spectacular island is a secluded destination located near Naxos with a very tranquil way of life, naturist sandy beaches with turquoise sea-through waters and delicious traditional cuisine. Koufonisia, which has also been described as the "Jamaica of Europe", is the idyllic place for the ultimate relaxation of body and mind. The real uniqueness of the island is that there are no motor vehicles as the only 400 inhabitants of the islands use bicycles or travel on foot,which means that you can reach the beaches either on foot, renting a bicycle or by boat which drops you off at a beach and pick you up again in the afternoon! Koufonisia a great opportunity to get away from the cosmopolitan way of life and truly “live like a local”. Overnight in Koufonisia.


  • Today you will leave from Koufoniisia and get the ferry departinging at 14.00 for the Island of Naxos, arriving at 14.40. Our local driver will meet you at the Naxos port to transfer you at your hotel. You will have free time for yourself. The first thing you will notice visiting Naxos, is the famous and formidable Portara - the super natural marble statue and the medieval Venetian castle which can be found in the old city. Naxos is a unique island which combines both the ancient ruins, the primitive structures and the long sandy beaches! Overnight in Naxos.


  • The tour starts at about 09.30 and through the village of Galanado and the tower of Belonias, we stop at Damalas pottery workshop. Then through the valley of Tragaia we stop at the village Halki with its mansions, the Byzantine church of Panagia Protothroni and the citrus distillery. We will continue to Panagia Drosiani. Next stop is at Apiranthos village with its marble paved alleys. Apiranthos has four small museums; the Archaeological Museum that mainly hosts findings of the Proto-Cycladic period, the Geological Museum with its approximately 2,000 exhibits, the Natural History Museum with a collection of the area's fauna and flora including a small aquarium, while the Folklore Museum displays traditional fabrics, embroidery and tools. Passing by the villages of Koronos, Skado and Mesi, we arrive at the northern village of the island, Apollonas, where there is an unfinished Kouros statue. You will have time for lunch and swimming. We will then return to town by the northwestern costal road where we will find the Tower of Agia, the monastery of Faneromeni (17th c) and the villages of Eggares and Galini. Overnight in Naxos


  • Our driver will meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Naxos Port to take the ferry departing at 12.35 for the Island of Paros, arriving at 13.15. Our driver will be waiting for you at the Paros port in order to transfer you at your hotel. Then, you will have free time for yourself. On this Cycladic Island, natural beauty encounters history and pleasure. Paros gives you the opportunity to enjoy your dream holidays: If you are a sea enthusiast, you will be enthralled by the many small, big, uncrowded or famous beaches or to explore the traditional town with the narrow streets. We suggest you to visit the most important Early Christian temple in the Aegean, Panagia Ekatontapyliani, to the Venetian Castle at the harbor or to follow the “Byzantine Road” of Lefkes, the best known and preserved section of the island’s old stone paved streets. Overnight in Paros.


  • Today we set off from the quaint fish-village of Aliki bound towards Panteronissia that are often described as Blue Lagoon because of the crystal clear waters and their color in this area! We are having our first stop there, in order to swim. We will continue with exploring and cliff-diving at Mastichari Cave, where you will enjoy the colors of this imposing landscape with its high cliffs and impressive caves on the coastline of Antiparos. Then, we leave for Despotiko beach where we can visit the significant archaeological site (upon request) that is recently discovered at the location, and where we can swim and have lunch. On our way back, we will stop at the Faneromeni Bay where you will be having fruits and sweets. After our last swim at St Nikolas, we will return to the Harbor of Aliki. Overnight in Paros.


  • Today you will take the ferry to Mykonos departing at 13.25 and arriving in Mykonos at 14.10. Our local driver will meet you at Mykonos port and transfer you to your hotel. Mykonos is the most famous island in the world for its beaches, its fun, its exciting nightlife, its picturesque Cycladic houses, the luxury hotels, also known as the island of winds. Our driver will transfer you to your hotel. The stroll in ‘’Little Venice’’ of the island, or the walk through the narrow streets of "matogiania" will be memorable for your vacations, where you can shop clothes and other local items. We propose you to relax at your hotel and enjoy the amazing night life of Mykonos! Overnight in Mykonos.


  • Today we suggest you an excellent half-day trip, to the sacred island of Apollo and Artemis, one of the Unesco Heritage sites of Greece. Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites of the eastern Mediterranean. You may visit, amongst others, the remains of the Temples of Apollo, the sanctuary of Artemis, the old city and the theatre and then, walk down the celebrated Lion Street. Also, in the museum of Delos, you can admire Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Sculptures, a collection of vessels from all periods as well as small items of everyday use. The tour takes about 5 hours. Overnight in Mykonos.


  • Our local driver will meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Mykonos Port to take the Ferry departing at 14.05 for Piraeus port, arriving at 16.30. Our driver will be waiting for you at the Piraeus port to transfer you at your hotel. Then, you will have free time for yourself. Overnight in Athens.


  • Our driver will meet you at your hotel to transfer you to Athens airport according to your flight details

***TRAVEL INSURANCE: We would also like to draw your attention to the importance of taking out an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected happening that may cancel or interrupt your trip.
Here is the link to see what the travel insurance cover: Click Here for Travel Insurance


  • Acropolis & Acropolis Museum in Athens
  • Traditional area of Plaka
  • Milos Island
  • Santorini Island
  • Koufonisia Island
  • Naxos Island
  • Paros Island
  • Mykonos Island
  • Delos Cruise in Mykonos
  • Volcano In Santorini
  • The sunset at Oia in Santorini
  • Day cruise to Antiparos Island
  • Sandy beaches in each Islands
  • The Cycladic architecture in each Islands


  • English speaking Drive/Guide
  • Transportation with private car
  • Private Tour in Athens Sightseeing
  • 15 Nights’ Accommodation
  • Daily breakfast at your hotel
  • Transfer from/to Athens airport/hotel
  • Transfer from/to Athens Piraeus Port/hotel
  • Private transfers from/to port/hotel in each Island
  • Fast Ferry tickets from Piraeus Port/Milos/Santorini/Koufonisia/Naxos/Paros/Mykonos/Piraeus
  • Welcome bag with gifts upon your arrival
  • All Taxes


  • Entrance fee at Archaeological site
  • Meals and personal expenses
  • Official Tour Guide
  • Optional Tours
  • Hotel city Tax


Useful Info

The suitable period is from 25 of March till 31 of October. In winter period the shipping companies stop the routes between the Islands. Of course you can travel at the Greek Islands with Air fair tickets. Just let us know.

All our drivers speak English very well and have high experience and have well knowledge for the sites that you are going to visit. They can provide you general information for each site, but are not official guides.

You have the below choice in order to have tour guide during your trip

  • You can book licensed tour guide accompany to you
  • You can book tour leader to accompany to you
  • You can book local tour guide in each area

  • We are owner of car Rental Company www.premiumrentacar.gr with wide fleet of Cars & Minivans that's why we can keep the cost low
  • From 1 to 4 person we provide you Mercedes E class or MPV 7 seats Citroen Picasso
  • From 5 to 8 persons we provide you Mini Van type Mercedes Vito/Viano or Opel Vivaro 9 seats
  • From 9 to 17 persons we provide you Mini Bus Mercedes Sprinter 18 seats
  • We also provide you transfer from/to Athens Airport/Hotel or Piraeus port

We will pick you up from your hotel in Athens or Air B&B address, If you reach at Athens airport or Piraeus, our representative will be waiting there holding a sign with your name written on it, helps you with your baggage, and accompany you at your car, provide you mineral water & Tissues.

Our local driver will be waiting there holding a sign with your name written on it, in order to meet you and transfer you to your hotel. Upon our meeting in Athens we will gives you o folder with vouchers of the hotel, tickets and contact number in each area.

  • We provide you 4 star hotels or 3 stars hotel or you can ask for 5* hotels.
  • Please note that the hotel in our proposed program may be changed, depend the availability and the time that you will make the booking in any case we will book hotels at the same level.
  • If you wish we can arrange your accommodation a day before and after your tour.
  • In Santorini your hotel located at "Kamari area" of course we can make upgrade at the hotel, and to offer you accommodation in Imerovilgi, Fira town or Oia with extra suplement, jsut ask us.

Our tours are absolutely PRIVATE only for you and not for other passengers. You can add or remove everything from our proposed program in order the tour to be modified to you, also note that we can accommodate from 1 person to 36 persons or more.

In order to take full advantage of your stay in Greece, we would also like to draw your attention to the importance of taking out an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected happening during your trip. To this effect, we have collaborated with INTERAMERICAN, the largest private insurance company in Greece.

We will provide you FAST FERRY TICKETS in order to spend more time in each Island. Sometimes the ferry route can be changed depend from the shipping company schedule. In any case we will modify the program accordingly. We can provided you AIR TICKETS instead off ferry tickets with extra supplement, just ask us.

  • 1,5 euros per room per day for 3-star hotels,
  • 3 euros per room per day for 4-star hotels.

Cancelation Policy

  • In order to confirm any booking, 30% payment in advance is required, fully refundable in case of any written cancellation received 40 days prior the arrival date.
  • For any cancellation OR change between 39 days to 20 days prior the first day of arrival, cancellation fees equal to 50% of the total cost of program applies.
  • For any cancellation OR change within 19 days prior the first day of arrival and/or non shows, full cancellation fees applies – the total cost of the program.
  • Air ticket & Ferry tickets are no refundable.
  • A written notification of any cancellation or change is necessary to be sent to PRIVATE TOURS Greece.

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