12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries

12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries
12 Day Wine Tour in Northern Greece & Peloponnese, enjoy your stay in wineries

12 Day Wine Nature tour greece & Farm Table Dinner...

12 day wine tour all over Greece for the lovers of fine wine, the visit-able wineries of the country give the perfect opportunity for a wine trip.The following proposals offer a complete wine tour experience at the most famous wineries all over Greece, which have also created atmospheric hostels or hotels near their facilities, for a special stay in a magical natural environment.

Enjoy the Greek wines in their place of production and origin, combine them with flavors from the local traditional cuisine, follow the path of maturation in the cellars and rest in their rooms in a completely intoxicating escape.

In additional, you have the opportunity to visit the most important archaeological heritage sites of UNESCO, such as Mycenae, Delphi, Olympia, Meteora, you will walk at the foot of Olympus, and you will enjoy the swimming at the hot springs of "Pozar" at the northeast Greece, called "Macedonia.



  • Pick you up from your hotel and driving along the mainland coast to Peloponnese, we will have our first stop, at the Canal of Corinth. We continue to reach at Ancient Corinth which was one of the beloved cities of Saint Paul. We will also visit the Ancient Epidaurus; the golden city of Mycenae and we will have a short stop at the coastline town of Nafplio for a delicious lunch before reach at the wonderful winery of “Semeli Estate”.
  • The Semeli Estate founded in 1979 and is one of the first wineries that focused on the growing wine tourism sector. The ten specially designed suites are in the heart of the vineyard, in an environment of stunning natural beauty, offering a unique hospitality experience to all of those who wish to explore the fascinating world of viticulture and winemaking. The view from the winery and the hostels is stunning and offers peace and quiet. The "plus" of the winery include its advantageous geographical location, as it provides direct access to areas of cultural interest, such as Ancient Nemea and Acrocorinth. Here you will taste high quality wines that harness the full potential of some of Greece’s most exciting indigenous grape varieties including vibrant and versatile Agiorgitiko, delicious and grapy Moschofilero, elegant Roditis and aromatic Malagousia. Overnight at Semeli Estate winery


  • Leave Selemi Estate and driving through the heart of Peloponnese we will reach at the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. The temple of Zeus is located there and is the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, in which in antiquity hosted one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world. Then we will visit the “OLYMPIA LAND ESTATE”. Olympia Land Estate is located very close to Ancient Olympia. Our ancestors 150 years ago began the cultivation of raisins and olive trees. Nowadays Olympia Land Estate is a family winery consist of two buildings surrounded by the vineyard of the estate. In the first building one finds the production area, especially designed to welcome the grapes straight from the vintage, with all necessary modern equipment to produce quality wines. In the second building, a stone – built mansion, one can find the underground maturation cellar, where  the red wines age, as well as big wine tasting room where the visitor can unveil the secrets of the Olympia Land wines. Finally, products of the estate and other local delicacies are exhibited in the welcoming reception area of the winery for the visitor to enjoy. At the end of wine tasting we will leave the “Olympia Land Estate” to reach at the city of Patra for Overnight


  • Today we will visit another great winery the "Achaia Clauss» founded 1861. Fascinated by the cultural quality of the Achaean capital and the aromatic dynamics of its vines, the Bavarian Gustav Clauss decided to establish the first oenological community in Greece. He built an entire residential complex with spire-shaped cathedral towers that allowed an entire village to live, work and develop around the central core of the winery. Over time, Gustav’s passion and wisdom transformed the small winery into a large-scale wine facility, soon to become the cradle of legendary wines. He created Mavrodaphne, a deep purple, sweet dessert wine with a unique character. Stone buildings. Large carved oak barrels. With one century old Mavrodaphne! ACHAIA CLAUSS is the only wine castle in the area, a milestone in our country’s history.
  • Our next stop will be at the traditional town of Metsovo. Here you will enjoy a couple of tea at the central stone square that you can buy traditional hand-made product. Our day will finish at Metsovo and you have overnight at the “Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery”


  • A model wine tourism unit in Greece, the hotel-winery Katogi Averoff combines the world of wine with art and warm hospitality in a magical natural environment. Its decoration is directly influenced by the wines of the vineyard (white and red), and is equipped with all modern comforts. Glasses full of wine, works of art that adorn all spaces, aromas of must, lighted fireplaces and smiling faces compose the atmosphere of the hotel. The visit to the cellars of the winery, with the contribution of various visual interventions and audiovisual media, offers an atmospheric tour of the charming world of wine, the history of the winery and the process of winemaking.
  • After the tasting we leave the winery to reach at Vergina (ancient Aigai), to live the experience of a visit to the unique Museum, created in the Great Tumulus covering the royal tombs of Macedonia. Admire the astonishing findings from the tomb of King Phillip II, Alexander's father, and feel the thrill of the greatest discovery of the 20th century. In only a few miles away is Veria (Biblical Beroea), where we will visit the Saint Paul's Bema, and then stroll through the old Jewish neighborhood and the colorful market area. Walk in a city where past is present and around!  Our next stop will be at the picturesque Edessa where we will admire the town's famous landmark, the Waterfalls.
  • Then, proceed to Naoussa, to a site of exceptional beauty and importance: Aristotle's School, the picturesque site where the great philosopher taught ‘the doctrines of morals and politics' to Alexander the Great and the Macedonian youth. Finally, we will reach at Edessa for overnight


  • Pozar Baths, which means fire or heat, also known as Loutraki Baths, are thermal baths. These are metal springs, which gush at a temperature of 37 ° C, with remarkable chemical composition. The hot water has a healing effect and is drinkable. Visitors use it for bath therapy, toning, and relaxation, while the waters help fight circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological and dermatological diseases. In a unique natural environment, with many different services, with water at an ideal temperature and a very pleasant composition on the body, the baths of Pozar are an ideal holiday destination. A complex of about 15 caves has been discovered in the area, with abundant prehistoric finds, which are exhibited in the small museum of Loutra. The area has been declared a cave park and is the first of its kind in Greece. After the relaxing day we will reach at the area of ‘Aspovalata” close to Kavala city to have overnight at the wonderful winery “Vivlia Chora”


  • “Vivlia Chora Winery” We will enjoy the hospitality at the wonderful The long wine tradition of the area has its roots in antiquity, when in the area they cultivated a variety of grapes, the "Books of Vine", from which they produced the famous "Biblical wine". Thus, the place got the name "Books Country", as it appears in the texts of Hesiod and Theoktitos. In 1998, an organic vineyard was created here, the "Ktima Books Chora", with important Greek and foreign varieties. The cultivation is done with respect to the environment and the fauna of the area, while all the viticultural works are done in the traditional way, without the use of special technological means. Inside the vineyard is an impressively modern winery, which produces the 11 wines of the Estate.
  • The experience is completed by staying in the hostel, which has the style of the French countryside. Our next visit will be at NICO LAZARIDI vineyards in the Prefecture of Drama, they are surrounded by mount Pangeon – our Magic Mountain – which name is forever related to the worship of Dionysus, the Greek god of the grape harvest and winemaking. The vineyards, located in one of the most renowned and promising vine regions of east Macedonia occupying approximately 80 hectares. You will tasting the White varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano), Chardonnay, Muscat of Alexandria and Red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Grenache Rouge, Sangiovese. Our day will finish at the city of Kavala. Overnight in Kavala


  •  Today we leave Kavala to reach at beautiful city of Thessaloniki. We will visit the Rotunda, one of the most imposing monuments of Thessaloniki. Visit St. Demetrius Basilica, in which is located the underground ancient “Crypt", the most important part of the temple. the Acheiropoietos Church - a gem of devotion: It is one of the first churches of Christianity, founded sometime between 450 and 475 AD. You will take photos next to "White Tower"' the main point mention of the city, the "Rotonda monument". We will also visit "the Arch of Galerius" (Kamara) is perhaps the most distinctive and interesting roman structure of Thessaloniki. At the end of the city tour, we will taste local delicious meal at the area of "Ladadika" the most famous area for the traditional cuisine of the northern Greece. At the end of our private tour in Thessaloniki we will reach at the Litochoro at the footsteps of mount Olympus for overnight.


  • After breakfast you will meet our experienced guide for an amazing (optional) hiking experience. Mt Olympus apart from Greece’s highest mountain and lush nature, is renowned from mythology as the home of the 12 Gods. The hiking tour will take you through beautiful easy trails, to chapels, waterfalls and places with spectacular views. En route you will learn in an interactive way about the mythology and nature of the mythical mountain. Next stop will be at Rapsani winey, close to Tembi Valley. The wine PDO Rapsani produced exclusively by the plus-three red wine varieties, Xinomavro, Krassato and Phillips. The vineyards of the wine production area PDO. Rapsani, located in at the slopes of Olympus, in hilly and mountainous terrain. Rapsani, on 2012 created the Vine Museum which presents the history of viticulture and wine making in the area of Rapsani from the 17th-18th century to the present day. The aim of the museum is to highlight the local history of Rapsani, which has been linked over the last three centuries with the cultivation of the vine and the production of the famous raspanian brass. Leave the area of Paspani to reach at Meteora for overnight.


  • Our driver will pick you up from your hotel to visit the BYZANTINE MONASTERIES of Meteora that are included on the UNESCO world heritage monument list. Visiting Meteora you will enjoy a unique and imposing scenery of ageless monasteries, containing priceless historical and religious treasures, standing between Earth and Sky at the top of huge rocks.  This wonderful tour will be completed at the picturesque village of Kalambaka, where you will have a traditional Greek lunch! Leave Meteora to reach at the traditional village of Polydroso close to Mount of Parnassos. Here located the "winery of Argyriou". The winery is located within the settlement of Polydrosos and is surrounded by a small vineyard. In 2011 the space was expanded to accommodate the new increased production and so now the winery is divided into two parts. The first part includes the winemaking equipment, is the stainless steel cooled tanks for the winemaking of white and red wines, as well as the press and other machines necessary for the production process, while the second part houses the bottling line, where the oak barrels for the aging of wines. For the visitors - friends of wine, in 2009 a model wine tourism unit was created which is operated by the members of the Argyriou family and enables the excursionists on the one hand to try the variety of wines of the estate in the specially designed area (cellar), and on the other stay in Polydroso enjoying the local cuisine, as well as the various activities offered by the area. Overnight at the Argyriou winery


  • After your breakfast, we will visit the archaeological site of Delphi. We will visit the Ancient Oracle, the Stadium, the Ancient Theatre which can host more than 5000 seated spectators and of course the Museum of Delphi, where you can admire the ‘’Charioteer’’, one of the best bronze statues ever! Delphi is perhaps best known for the oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo during the classical period. Continuing we will depart to reach the village of Arachova, the most bustling winter destination in Greece, a mountainous village at 1000 meters altitude. Discover the traditional character of the village by taking a coffee or lunch break. Don’t forget to try the famous, traditional cheese, Arachova’s formaela, in various forms. Departing from Arachova and driving through Central Greece we will reach in Athens for overnight.


  • Our driver will pick you up from your hotel to start your wine tour in Athens, combining visit Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. Travel alongside the coastline of Athens, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, admire a truly impressive scene and idyllic landscape before reach at Cape Sounio, known for the imposing sanctuary of Poseidon which is one of the most important sights and archaeological sites of Attica! We continue our wine tour to visit the first bio-climatic winery with special design and construction in Greece, marking the beginning of a new era, is located at Markopoulo, Attica, next to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, as well as the enchanting, mysterious archaeological site of Vravrona. You will visit the rooms have been developed for wine making, bottling, aging and storage, you will visit the tasting area is located which simultaneously allows the view of the aging cellar with the barrels and the Mediterranean vineyard.The winery was distinguished at the 2008 Architecture Awards by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture.
  • Afterwards, you will be welcomed in the second winery that has been making wine in those very premises since 1875! The winery traditionally deals with the vineyard and the wine where in the middle of the season it produced barrel retsina from Savvatiano. The traditional press for pressing the grapes with the foot, the crankshaft and the coffins for transporting the grapes from the vineyard, the manual pump and the oak barrels of the eight hundred okadas and the smells of the fermentation is a unique experience which immense you back in time. The winery preserves the traditional folk architecture, where the stone walls and the large stone arches transport the visitor to the past and certify the long family tradition in the production of wines. In the tasting area of the winery the visitors can taste the different wines such as "Malagouzia", "Assyrtiko", "Savvatiano", "Agioritiko", "Retsina", KALOGERI - CABERNET, SAUVIGNON, etc in combination with local delicacies such as rusks, gruyere with oil and oregano, traditional pies, sausage with pie, salads etc. After the tasting, you can visit the in-sight shop where you can buy your favorite wines. Then, we will transfer you to your hotel in Athens. The duration of the tour is 8 hours. Overnight in Athens.


  • Today you can relax at your hotel or to explore Athens by yourself. Alternative (optional) we suggest you a short private tour to must see sites in Athens. Visit the Acropolis, the Athens trilogy, Panathinaiko stadium, a panoramic Athens city tour and a walking tour in Plaka area with the traditional taverns and the coffee shops in the picturesque alleys. This tour is suitable for travelers seeking a personalized experience. Delve into the rich history and heritage of Athens, admire the Greek culture and architecture, stroll in traditional streets, and of course, do not forget to taste the world famous Souvlaki and to buy gifts for your loved ones. The duration of the tour is 4 hours . Our services ends.



  • Gourmet food & Cheese platter
  • Farm Table dinners
  • City Tour in Athens, Acropolis, Panathinaiko Stadium etc
  • Ancient Korinthos, Nafplio
  • Ancient Epidaurus, Argos, Mycenae, Mystras
  • City of Patra, Ancient Olympia
  • Village of Metsovo
  • Veroia, Vergina, Naousa, Edessa, Pozar Baths
  • City of Kavala & City of Thessaloniki
  • Litochoro Village & Mount of Olympus
  • Meteora, Delphi, Cape Sounio
  • Delphi, Museum, Arachova Village
  • Semeli Estate Winery
  • Gaia Winery
  • Achaia Clauss Wine Castle
  • Katogi Averoff Winery
  • Vivlia Chora Winery
  • Niko lazaridi Winery
  • Chateau Niko Lazaridi Winery
  • Rapsani Winery & Vine Museum
  • Argiriou Winery
  • Papagiannakos Winery


  • English Speaking driver
  • Transportation with private car or minivan
  • Pick up and drop off to your hotel in Athens
  • 11 nights' Accommodation in 4* hotels and wineries
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Welcome Bag with Gifts upon your arrival
  • All Taxes


  • Personal expenses, meals
  • Entrance fees at the wineries archaeological sites
  • Licensed Tour Guide (available with extra cost)
  • Hotel City Tax

Useful Info

That is why our tour packages do not include tour guide, in order to be more affordable to our clients.

But you have the below choice in order to have tour guide during your trip.

  • You can book licensed tour guide accompany to you
  • You can book local tour guide in each area
  • Sedan like Mercedes E class or 7 seats minivan for 1 to 4 pax, ( according the availability )
  • Mini Van type Mercedes Vito or Opel Vivaro 4 to 8 pax, ( according the availability )
  • Mini Bus Mercedes Sprinter 9 to 15 pax.

Imposition of a tax on accommodation in hotels. The residence tax will be

  • 1,5 euros per room per day for 3-star hotels,
  • 3 euros per room per day for 4-star hotels,
  • 4 euros per room per day for 5 star hotel

In case that we meet you at Athens airport or Piraeus port our representative will be waiting holding a sign with your name written on it, helps you with your baggage, and accompany you at your car, provide you minelar water & Tissues.

For visits to the monasteries, and museum ladies are required to wear skirts  and gentlemen need to be in long trousers.

All year, any time that you wish.

We provide you 4 star hotels or 3 stars hotel. The accommodation included at the package, but you can choose alternative hotels, area to stay e.t.c and send you a new itinerary. Please note that the hotel in our proposed program may be changed, depend the availability and the time that you will make the booking.

**Please note that, if you wish we can arrange the transfer from/to Athens Airport also your accommodation a day before your tour start and last day in Athens**

  • 10 euro / person for Acropolis Museum
  • 20 euro / person for Acropolis
  • 8 euro / person  Ancient corinth & Museum ,
  • 12 euro / person for Ancient Epidaurus
  • 12 euro / persons for Mycenae & Treasury of Arteus
  • 12 euro / person for Ancient Olympia & Museum
  • 12 euro / person for Delphi & Museum
  • 3 euro / person for each monasteries of Meteora
  • 8 euro / person for Ancient Corinth
  • Children under 18 years of age are free of charge
  • Students from E.U ( ID is required )

Cancellation Policy

  • In order to confirm any booking, 30% payment in advance is required, fully refundable in case of any written cancellation received 40 days prior the arrival date.
  • For any cancellation OR change between 39 days to 20 days prior the first day of arrival, cancellation fees equal to 50% of the total cost of program applies.
  • For any cancellation OR change within 19 days prior the first day of arrival and/or non shows, full cancellation fees applies – the total cost of the program.
  • A written notification of any cancellation or change is necessary to be sent to PRIVATE TOURS Greece.

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