Full-Day Wine Tour to Visit 2 Wineries with Scenic Cape Sounio Excursion

robc359 -

Probably my favorite excursion ever

The Cape Sounio Tour with Wine Tasting offered by Private Tours Greece exceeded all expectations. As seasoned cruisers who often opt for independent excursions, this experience stood out as the best we've ever had. Before the tour, we encountered some communication challenges, struggling to reach Private Tours Greece despite having paid in full. However, once we connected, we were in for an exceptional adventure, led by the remarkable George.

The journey began when George met us at the cruise port, and we embarked on a scenic drive to Cape Sounio, reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast with its crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes. Being a private tour and starting early in the morning, we enjoyed the temple of Poseidon in near solitude, evading the crowds of cruise tourists. George provided us with ample time to explore the temple, and the experience was truly magnificent. The drive back to Athens was equally enjoyable as George shared insights about the city's landmarks. Our adventure continued at Nikolou, a family winery near Athens. Thanks to George's arrangements, we had a private tour and tasting, even joined by the owner and treated to a delightful charcuterie board. The Papagiannakos winery also offered an exceptional tour and tasting, elevating our wine appreciation.

Remarkably, the tour didn't end here. George learned it was our anniversary and arranged a waterfront dinner at an upscale Athens restaurant. He waited for us as we dined, then surprised us with a delicious cake from a local bakery on the way back to the ship.George's exceptional service and the tour's quality left us feeling like VIPs. We can't recommend this tour and Private Tours Greece enough, and if you have the chance, don't hesitate to request George as your guide.


Guided Shore Excursion Patmos to Explore the most Religious Highlights

Daydr -

Pretty Patmos historical tour!

we went at a time that was very quiet so we basically had sites to ourselves. Our Guide was nice and easy to understand. Air conditioned Private transport waits for you at every site which is nice. Paying over $700 and entrance fees are not included ?? That, I was pretty upset about. Also I was contacted just two days before the tour about a time conflict and site closures during our scheduled tour time. It was supposed to be a 4 hour tour and it was not quite 4 hours because we weren’t able to see all the sites we had booked for. However still paid full price PLUS entrance fees.


9 Day Tour in Ancient Peloponnese & Meteora at UNESCO Heritage sites

Wander -

9-day private tour of classical Greece

This was a wonderful way to make our first visit to Greece and learn more about the civilisations that have contributed so much to our modern day life. Every day was fantastic our driver (Panos) took great care of us. Every single one of the specialist guides we met at each location were compelling with both the information and insight combined with informative descriptions, explanations and insights about the sites we visited.
It's a great way to see a combination of ancient and modern day Greece.


8-Day Private Tour Peloponnese, Corfu, Syvota, Parga: The Caribbean of Greece

CarolinaM -

Tour Through Ancient Greece and Beyond
I booked a 8-day private tour of Ancient Greece, Peloponnese, Syvota, Parga, and Corfu, and I cannot recommend this experience enough. From start to finish, it was nothing short of remarkable.
Our journey was expertly organized and executed, thanks to the exceptional team behind this tour. 
Our driver, a fount of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm, truly elevated our trip. Riding in the impeccably clean and comfortable Mercedes Vito minivan was an added layer of luxury that we greatly appreciated.
The scenic beauty of the Peloponnese region left me in awe, from the stunning landscapes of Nafplio to the mythical caves of Diros. The coastal towns of Syvota and Parga provided picturesque relaxation, while our time in Corfu was like stepping into a postcard.
 The accommodations was top-notch, offering comfort and authenticity in equal measure.
This 8-day private tour was not just a vacation; it was an immersive journey through history, culture, and natural beauty


8-Day Private Tour Peloponnese, Corfu, Syvota, Parga: The Caribbean of Greece

Tracey B -

Fantastic tour with some amazing hotels

The tour was fantastic, we got to see so many great tourist attractions and we stayed in some amazing hotels. Theo our driver was lovely and was informative. My only negative was that we would have liked a guide to show us the attractions and I actually thought this was part of the package.


4 Day Private Tour Paros, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos from Athens

Pamela -

Amazing & Beautiful Experience!

My sister and I absolutely loved this tour!! It was so organized and everyone was extremely nice/ helpful. The hotels on this tour could not have been better! They were all centrally located to the main parts of town and all had great views. We didn't have to worry about a thing!
The islands we went to were so beautiful and we spent the perfect amount of time on each one. I would recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Greece!


Private Day Cruise to Hydra and Poros, 2 of the Most Charming Saronic Islands

MaritinaG -

it's more than an excursion; it's a keepsake of memories!
I had the pleasure of joining the 10-hour private cruise to Poros and Hydra from Athens, and it exceeded all expectations. The day was a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.
The stop at Poros was a treat – strolling through the charming streets, enjoying local ice cream, and absorbing the laid-back atmosphere was a real delight.
Hydra was the true highlight. The hidden alleys, boutique shops, and art galleries added a touch of exclusivity to the experience. The sun-drenched deck of the boat was the perfect spot to unwind, and watching the sunset over the horizon was a moment I'll forever treasure.
The skipper's attention to detail was remarkable. From the informative commentary to the impeccable service, they ensured our comfort throughout.
If you're seeking an authentic taste of the Aegean's beauty and culture, this excursion is an absolute must.


The Best Private Cruise Athens to Swim at Fleves Island and Athenian Coast

Brian -

A must-do for an idyllic day at sea

Our swimming boat trip was an absolute delight from start to finish. The journey was truly a delight from beginning to end. The allure of crystal-clear waters, secretive coves, and breathtaking coastal panoramas mesmerized us. Watching the kids revel in the pristine sea brought immense joy, while we savored moments of pure relaxation. The skipper's warm demeanor and vigilant care heightened our sense of security and ease. From the effortless booking process to the enchanting boat moments, this excursion elevated our family vacation to extraordinary heights. 

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