3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and Grotto of Apocalypse

3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse
3 Day Private Tour in Athens, Corinth, Patmos and  Grotto of Apocalypse

3 Days Christian Tour in Athens & Patmos Island..

Book online an immersive 3-day private tour odyssey in the footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle. Uncover history in Athens with visits to Mars Hill and the ancient Agora. Behold the Acropolis, a marvel of ancient Greek civilization. Venture to sacred Patmos, where spirituality thrives.

Explore the UNESCO-listed Monastery of St. John and be entranced by the mystical Grotto of the Apocalypse, where divine revelations unfolded. Continue to Corinth, dear to St. Paul. Wander through ancient ruins, including the Ancient Market and the Bema, where he preached. Marvel at the legacy embodied by the Apostolos Pavlos Metropolitan Church. Join us on this extraordinary 3-day biblical journey, etching profound memories on heart and soul


Day 1: Athens - Following St. Paul's Footsteps

  • Begin your private christian tour by meeting your driver at your hotel in Athens at noon. With an expert tour guide by your side, delve into the rich Christian history of Athens on a private 4-hour tour. Explore the Ancient Agora, where the Temple of Hephaestus stands as a testament to the influence of Christianity on this historic site. Next, ascend Mars Hill, where the Apostle Paul fearlessly delivered his powerful sermon. Experience the awe-inspiring panoramic view of the city and immerse yourself in the footsteps of the great apostle.
    Continue your pilgrimage with a visit to the majestic Acropolis, where the Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechtheion, and Temple of Athena Nike await. Let your knowledgeable guide transport you back in time, unveiling the significance of this sacred place in early Christianity. (the duration of the tour is 5 Hours) 
    As the tour concludes, we'll drop you off at the port of Piraeus to board at around 18.00, the overnight ferry to Patmos Island. Awaken to the breathtaking surroundings of Patmos, where you'll be transferred to your hotel to embark on the next phase of your spiritual journey. (Ovenight on boat)

Day 2: Patmos - A Spiritual Sanctuary

  • Meet your private driver at your hotel to start your private tour in patmos. Embark on a life-changing journey with our exclusive pilgrimage to Patmos, Greece. Immerse yourself in the mystical aura as you explore the sacred Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John received divine revelations. Witness history come alive at the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, where priceless ecclesiastical treasures await your discovery. Marvel at ancient manuscripts, intricate frescoes, and iconic artworks attributed to the legendary El Greco.
    Wander through the enchanting streets of old Patmos, tracing the footsteps of generations past. Uncover the architectural wonders of the Simandris House, a testament to the island's fusion of Eastern traditions and Western influences. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine lanes, where hidden squares and centuries-old residences whisper tales of a vibrant past. As the sun sets, embark on an enchanting overnight ferry, bidding farewell to the tranquil shores of Patmos. Awaken at Piraeus port, carrying the spirit of Patmos within you. (Ovenight on boat)

Day 3:  Tour in Corinth - St. Paul's Beloved City

  • Meet your driver at Piraeus Port at around 08.00 and step into the rich spiritual heritage of St. Paul's cherished city. Marvel at the impressive Canal of Corinth, a testament to ancient engineering. Explore the bustling Ancient Market and stand at the sacred Bema of Apostle Paul, where his words resonated through time. Trace the footsteps of the Apostle of Nations and feel the deep connection to early Christianity. Discover the historic Kechrias Port, where St. Paul embarked on his next chapter. Immerse yourself in the captivating tapestry of ancient Christianity and awaken your spirit. At the end of the tour, we will return you to Athens and drop you off at your hotel, leaving you with cherished memories of this profound pilgrimage. Drop you of at your hotel.

***Travel insurnace: We would also like to draw your attention to the importance of taking out an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected happening that may cancel or interrupt your trip.
Here is the link to see what the travel insurance covers: Read more...


  • Acropolis and ''Mars Hill''
  • Ancient Market in Athen
  • Panathinaiko Stadium, Temple of Zeus
  • Canal of Corinth, Kechrias Port 
  • Ancient Corinth and Cathedral of St. Paul
  • The Island of Patmos
  • The Monastery of St. John in Patmos Island
  • The Grotto of the Apocalypse in Patmos island


  • Private Transfer from/to hotel/port at all areas
  • 2 Overnights at the Ferry boat in a private Cabin
  • 1 Night accommodation in Patmos Island with breakfast
  • Private Tour Athens & Ancient Corinth with Guide
  • Private Tour in Patmos at the Grotto of the Apocalypse
  • Welcome Bag with Gifts upon your arrival
  • All Taxes


  • Entry/Admission fee is not included
  • Tour Guides in Patmos
  • Hotel city tax
  • Gratuities (optional)

Useful Info

  • All Year. 
  • All our drivers are professional English-speaking drivers, have high experience and they have a good knowledge of the sites that you are going to visit. They can provide you general information for each one, but they are not official guides. They will lead you to paths past the tourist crowd and they will also suggest you local, traditional restaurants where you can taste the known Mediterranean cuisine.
  • During the trip to Athens, Ancient Corinth & patmos tour, we suggest you to have local guides as you will receive deep information
  • Alternative, you can book licensed tour guide accompany you throughout your tour
  • We are owner of car Rental Company www.premiumrentacar.gr with wide fleet of Cars & Minivans that's why we can keep the cost low
  • From 1 to 4 persons, we provide you Mercedes E class or MPV, Citroen Picasso or similar
  • From 5 to 8 persons, we provide you Mini Van type Mercedes Vito/Viano or similar
  • From 9 to 17 persons, we provide you Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 18 seats
  • Upon your arrival at Athens airport or Piraeus, our representative will be waiting there holding a sign with your name written on it, helps you with your baggage, and accompany you at your car, provide you mineral water & Tissues. 
  • If you are already in Athens, our driver meets you at your hotel in Athens or Airbnb (or from your specific address)
  • Also, we will give you a folder with vouchers of the hotel, tickets and contact numbers in each area that you are going to visit.
  • We provide you 4* star hotels or 3* stars hotels with high standard services in great locations. Please note that you can ask us for 5* star hotel with extra supplement.
  • After your booking we will send you the detailed program with the names of the hotels.
  • If you wish we can arrange your accommodation a day before and after your tour.
  • Our vacation tour packages are PRIVATE only for you and not for other passengers.
  • You can add or remove everything from our proposed program in order the tour to be modified to you, also note that we can accommodate from 1 person to 36 persons or more.

To take full advantage of your stay in Greece, we would also like to draw your attention to the importance of taking out an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected happening during your trip. To this effect, we have collaborated with INTERAMERICAN, the largest private insurance company in Greece.

  • 1,5€ per room / per day for 3* star hotels,
  • 3€ per room per / day for 4* star hotels.
  • 10 euro / person for Acropolis Museum
  • 20 euro / person for Acropolis
  • 8 euro / person Ancient Corinth & Museum
  • 12 euro / person for Ancient Epidaurus
  • 12 euro / person for Mycenae & Treasury of Arteus
  • 12 euro / person for Ancient Olympia & Museum
  • 12 euro / person for Delphi & Museum
  • 3 euro / person for each monasteries of Meteora

*** Children under 18 years of age are free of charge


Cancelation Policy

  • In order to confirm any booking, 30% payment in advance is required, fully refundable in case of any written cancellation received 40 days prior the arrival date.
  • For any cancellation OR change between 39 days to 20 days prior the first day of arrival, cancellation fees equal to 50% of the total cost of program applies.
  • For any cancellation OR change within 19 days prior the first day of arrival and/or non shows, full cancellation fees applies – the total cost of the program.
  • Air ticket & Ferry tickets are no refundable.
  • A written notification of any cancellation or change is necessary to be sent to PRIVATE TOURS Greece.

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