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Athens Walking Food Tour, Acropolis, Νeighborhood of Plaka & Monastiraki

Eddie-Conte -

Great tour operator! Highly recommended!!

This was last minute for us and they were extremely accommodating. Foto was great and so was Nick. Very good English and extremely knowledgeable about Greece. I would highly recommend to family, friends and will repeat next time we are in Greece.


Athens Walking Food Tour, Acropolis, Νeighborhood of Plaka & Monastiraki

NatalyM -

Exceptional Food Tour with Guide Katerina - Highly Recommended!

Our guide Katerina from was absolutely fantastic! Katerina's knowledge, enthusiasm, and friendly nature made the tour exceptional.  Katerina's deep understanding of Greek cuisine and culture added an extra layer of richness to the experience. She effortlessly guided us through the vibrant neighborhoods of Athens, introducing us to delicious local treats and sharing fascinating stories along the way.

Katerina's recommendations were outstanding as we indulged in mouthwatering loukoumades, sampled delectable Greek cheese, and experienced the flavors of Greece. Her attention to detail and personalized approach made the tour truly special.

Not only was Katerina an expert in food, but she also provided insightful information about Athens' history and culture. Her passion for the city and her friendly demeanor made the tour engaging and memorable. I highly recommend joining a tour with Katerina from Private Tours Greece" if you're looking for an exceptional food experience in Athens. Her expertise, warmth, and genuine love for Greek cuisine will ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Thank you, Katerina, for an amazing tour!


Athens Walking Food Tour, Acropolis, Νeighborhood of Plaka & Monastiraki

MartinB -

I had the pleasure of joining the Athens Walking Food Tour with "Private Tours Greece", and it was an absolute delight from start to finish. As a food lover and avid traveler, I always seek out unique experiences that allow me to immerse myself in the local culture, and this tour exceeded all my expectations.

From the moment we met our knowledgeable guide at the designated meeting point, I knew I was in for a treat. The tour took us on a journey through the historic neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, where we had the opportunity to taste some of the most mouthwatering Greek delicacies. From the heavenly loukoumades to the delectable Greek bread and cheese, every bite was a true celebration of flavors.

What made this tour truly exceptional was the seamless blend of culinary exploration with the iconic landmarks of Athens. The visit to the Acropolis was an awe-inspiring experience, as we learned about the rich history and significance of this ancient site. Our guide's passion for sharing the stories behind each location made the tour informative, engaging, and incredibly enjoyable.

I must also commend "Private Tours Greece",for their exceptional organization and attention to detail. The tour was well-paced, allowing us to fully savor each culinary experience and take in the beauty of our surroundings. The guides were friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that everyone had a memorable time.

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