7 Day Group Tour by Shared Bus in Ancient Greece

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7 Day Classical Group Tour, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki

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Must do, must see, must experience :-)

Sep 2023 • Friends

Our archeological tour of mainland Greece was amazing. Our private tour guide & driver George made it even more enjoyable. He’d tailor our stops to avoid large groups and suggest times to minimise the heat. His knowledge of the sites was vast. We even bumped into 3 other tour guides all named George, believe it or not. Must be a company policy to hire guides & drivers named George - ha ha ha. Our George navigated the best roads too as Greece had a biblical flood just few days earlier and some of the roads were still closed. We just felt at home on this trip and accommodation was great as well. We all gave it 5 stars out of 5 !!!


7 Day Classical Group Tour, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki


Fulfilment of tour in Greece

We booked the 7 Day Ancient Greece tour with a private driver. We had an excellent 7 days and the driver, Spiros was very reliable, always being on time. He was courteous and exemplary in safety matters when driving. Whenever we were visiting sites, he would ensure the car and our personal affects were safe. We had no concerns throughout the tour regarding our belongings or personal safety.
We were in Meteora on the Orthodox Good Friday. The monastery opened later than usual, which in turn caused a problem with meeting the guide for the Vergina visit. Spiros stepped in and rearranged with the guide so as to not shorten the monastery visit, which was one of our "must-see".
Spiros has an amicable nature which serves to make the long daily journeys pass easily and communications with local inhabitants effectively. He provided excellent suggestions as where to dine at nearly all the stopping points, and was on friendly terms with the patrons of the various establishments.
He has a genuine interest in ensuring that his customers achieve their objective to enjoy their visit to Greece.
In terms of the itinerary, as we have chosen Ancient Greece tour, we were visiting Ancient Ruins most of the time. We had a guide for Mycenae, Epidaudus, Delphi, Vergina, Thessaloniki and Pella. We regretted not booking a tour guide for Olympia. We highly recommend booking tour guides for all the sites, as the guides' explanations enhanced the visits.
In terms of the itinerary, we consider the visit to Sparta was disappointing, and frankly a waste of time due to the poor state of the ruins, and subject matter. Additionally the driving time to Naousa and Aristotle's school was underwhelming. However, the other 95% of the itinerary are great sites to visit and see.
Note that as there were only 2 of us, we were driven in a small car which fit us and our luggage well. It was fit for purpose for our journey. We were both average built. If you are tall and of a larger built, you may want to make it clear to the company for a bigger car.

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