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3-Day Private Tour of Delphi, Olympia and Meteora, Steps into Greek History

Randall B -

Outstanding tour of Greece!

Wonderful trip with an interesting and outstanding driver. Meteora is the highlight, but the tour packs a lot of sights into three days, with the perfect amount of breaks between drive time. Hotels were awesome as well!


3-Day Private Tour of Delphi, Olympia and Meteora, Steps into Greek History


Fantastic experience with top-notch service

The service was phenomenal on all fronts, from working with the team in the planning stages via email, all the way through to the end of the trip.
To start, communication was prompt and courteous while planning. I interacted with a few members of the team during the booking process, and each was equally warm and friendly. Even when I threw a wrench in things fairly close to my arrival date, requiring some last minute adjustments, everything was handled quickly and with understanding. They know how to make you feel like you’re a VIP. They checked in at various points leading up to my visit to keep me informed of every detail, and to ensure I felt comfortable in an unfamiliar place.

Upon pickup from the hotel by the driver, things only got better. The first leg of the tour required a good amount of driving, which could have easily been a drag. However, the driver, (whom likely wouldn’t mind me mentioning his name, but I will refrain simply out of courtesy) was great at balancing friendly, personal conversation while mixing in facts about Greece and the areas we traversed. The entire thing felt like hanging out with a friend you hadn’t seen in a long time, with the small talk soon turning to joking and laughing. We even had our own “inside jokes” by the end of three days.

One of the greatest things about the entire private tour was the personalization. I am a photographer, and as soon as the driver discovered that during those friendly conversations, he went out of his way to explore landmarks and pick some amazing places to stop. He seemed legitimately excited about making my trip the best it could be. He was quick to offer suggestions on places to eat with great food, great views and great staff. Everywhere we went, it felt like we were being greeted as friends, to the point of being recognized on a brief second visit to a restaurant we had eaten at the day before. The owner made it a point to walk over and “shake” my hand, inquiring how I had enjoyed the previous day’s events. I say “shake”, because it was more of a hearty, genuine pound hug.

We made brief stops in quaint, beautiful towns for coffee to break up the driving. Each time I was encouraged to explore with my camera, hitting the road whenever it felt right. He even organized a drive during one of the evenings to hit various vantage points around Meteora. It generated amazing imagery to remember such an impressive place.

I couldn’t recommend them more enthusiastically.

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