13 Day Special Tour: Mystras, Argolis, Delphi, Monemvasia...

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13 Day Special Tour: Mystras, Argolis, Delphi, Monemvasia, Meteora, Vergina!

RealityCheck3 / Toronto Canada

10 Amazing Days (Private Customized Christian Tour)

We just returned from an 10 day customized Christian tour of Greece where we followed the footsteps of St. Paul. We had organized this tour for a group of young adults.

While in Greece, we visited Athens, Corinth, Delphi, Thessaloniki, Nea Fokea, Phillippi, Verea, Meteora. We also took a 3 day cruise and visited Mykonos, Kusadesi (Turkey), Patmos, Crete, and Santorini.

There are so many great things to say about Private Tours Greece, but I will try to keep it short:

1. Our Experience with Mrs. Dmitria (the Private Tours Greece representative who organized the trip for us):
We communicated back and forth for many months with Mrs. Dmitria to create this customized trip. Throughout all the communications, Mrs. Dmitria was very patient and flexible. She worked with us to make many changes to the itinerary until it was something that met our group's needs in terms of budget and covering the places we wanted to see. When we realized that we were not able to afford visiting the islands through a private tour, Mrs. Dmitria recommended a regular cruise for us, and she also booked us this cruise. Her recommendation for the cruise was excellent. In addition, the tour guides she booked for us were also great.

2. Our fantastic bus driver, Vassillis:
Vassillis is a pretty amazing person. Vassillis was not only our driver, but he was also the person who took very good care of us the entire time we were with him. His driving skills are great, as he was able to drive us safely for long hours and far distances, even when we got a little noisy on the bus. Vassillis also has the patience of Job (a skill I need to learn from Vassillis) not only for waiting for us, but also for putting up with our endless questions for him. When we asked him to take us to authentic Greek restaurants, he took us to restaurants where the staff treated us with great hospitality.
Perhaps the most striking part was when one of our youth was very ill on the bus, and he kept driving around to find a washroom for her (although we were already running late). When he could not find any place for her to use a washroom, he stopped at a "cafe" only for men (women are not allowed inside). Vassillis got off the bus, bought a coffee to convince the staff inside to let us use the washroom, and then he stayed inside the "cafe" until we were finished and the youth was feeling better.

I guess what impressed me the most about this company is that whether I was dealing with Dmitria or with Vassillis, it was very clear that these people REALLY cared about us, and about our young adults. They sincerely wanted us to enjoy every minute of the trip, and they consistently went over and above to help us enjoy everything.

Thank you very much Dmitria and Vassillis for everything! I think we all fell in love with Greece because of you!

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13 Day Special Tour: Mystras, Argolis, Delphi, Monemvasia, Meteora, Vergina!


Our 10 day private tour of Greece

I highly recommend Private Tours Greece as the team are very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.
A big thank you to all at Private Tours Greece who helped make this possible, especially to Dimitra who helped organize the tour. The office staff were great and our driver Panos was awesome and so were the other drivers we had for our transfers.
We were a group of 4 traveling around Greece in November 2018. We had a few places in mind we wanted to visit and Dimitroula made this possible for us and she was so quick and efficient in replying to my many emails. We made some changes to the original itinerary and this was no issue at all for her. She even arranged for us to stay at 4 star hotels of our choice.
Our driver was friendly, very knowledgeable and respectful and the car was always clean.
This tour was at a relaxed pace as we were not rushed which made it even more enjoyable.
A great time was had by all...
We will definitely use Private Tours Greece next time in Greece... hopefully in 2020
Thank you Private Tours Greece!!!

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