14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki

14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki
14 Day Jewish Tour package in Ioannina, Veroia, Larisa, Volos, Thesslaoniki

14 Day Jewish Tour Package Greece...

14 day Greece Jewish Heritage Tour Greece, cover Greek Cities of Jewish interest. You will visit the Jewish community's & Synagogue of Athens and all over Greece such us Ioannina, Veria, Larissa, Volos, Thessaloniki and much more. Furthermore with this tour you combine the traditional and beautiful cities with the exquisite natural environment, as for example  the Cave of lakes in Kalavryta...

Journey with Gog Railway through Vouraikos canyon,  crossing the unique Gorge of Vikos, Metsovo and also the peninsula of Pilion including 24 beautiful, traditional villages.
This tour is of extreme interest to the Jewish travelers since it provides a unique opportunity to explore the roost of Jews and  learn the history of Jews in Greece.
Book today the 14 day Private Jewish tour Greece to find out the history of the synagogues, the Jewish quarters, and Jewish communities in Greece from antiquity through Byzantine and Ottoman times, contemporary history, and the Holocaust.



  • Meet and assist at Athens Airport. Transfer at your hotel.Private Tours Athens by Night, Dance Folk Show & Traditional Dinner. Nobody can deny the fact that Athens is one of the greatest cities of the world offering you entertainment in all ways, and many things to do all night till early morning, for all preferences.It’s a unique opportunity to sightsee the enlightened capital of Greece and its beautiful monuments of our Greek heritage!You are going to visit important archaeological sites, while the sun is setting.After a nice tour, you will dine in the center of Athens, to a traditional Greek tavern, while being entertained by live Greek music, under the moonlight!Once you are done, our driver will pick you up and will drive you back at your hotel. Overnight in Athens.


  • You will continue your brilliant tour with a visit at the Synagogue in the Agora of Athens which is an ancient synagogue located in the Ancient Agora of Athens. The synagogue is thought to date from the period between 267 and 396 CE. Then, you will visit Beth Shalom Synagogue which is the principal synagogue of Athens, Greece. The synagogue is managed by Rabbi Gabriel Negrin, who was elected by the council of Athens’ Jewish community following the death of the long time leader Jacob Arar in 2014. Afterwards, you will continue to see the Etz Haim Synagogue which is right across from Beth Shalom. It was built in 1904 by Greek Romaniote Jews who came from Ioannina, and for this reason it is also called the "Romanian" or "Yannonian" synagogue by the oldest members of the community. The Etz Chaim Synagogue only works during the great religious celebrations of the Jewish Community. Only a few meters away from the synagogue, lies the New Holocaust Memorial of Greek Jews which is the point in which on March 24, 1944, the Germans entrapped and arrested the Greek Jews. Finally, you will pay a visit to the great Jewish Museum of Greece which was established by Nicholas Stavroulakis in 1977 to preserve the material culture of the Greek Jews. The Museum was founded to collect, preserve, and research and exhibit the material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish life in Greece. As a historical and ethnographical museum its main interest is to provide a vivid picture of Jewish life and culture as it was during those centuries. The collection contains more than ten thousand artifacts (some of which are unique) pertaining to the domestic and religious life, as well as the history of the Greek Jews. The duration of the tour is about 7 hours. Overnight in Athens.


  • Pick you up from your Hotel at about 08:30 hours and we make our first short stop at the breathtaking Canal of Corinth (6 km length and 80m height!). Then continue to reach the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus of the 15.000 spectators & the Archaeological Museum of Asklepeion Epidaurus. Our next stop will be at the famous ancient town of Mycenae and the Archaeological site - the Lion Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, the Palace and the tomb of Agamemnon. Finally we will arrive at the one of the most beautiful towns of Greece and the first capital city at the modern Greek history, Nauplio! We will visit the Castle of the Town, Palamidi, the famous fortress nestled on the crest of a 216-metre hill and built by the Venetians.  To reach the top of the castle there are 999 steps (!) and from there you can enjoy impressive views over the Argolic Guld, the city of Nauplio and the surrounding countryside. Overnight in Nafplio


  • After your breakfast, we will leave from Nafplio, and via Tripoli, we will arrive at Mystras. We will visit the glory Byzantine town of Mystras and you will let yourself be captivated by this destination’s medieval splendour. Wander around the castle city the Upper and the Lower Town, and sense through the silence the city's sheer grandeur: the Palace of the Despots (Anaktora), the Houses of Laskaris and Frangopoulos, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios and the impressive Monasteries of Our Lady Pantánassa, and of Οur Lady Perivleptos. Afterwards, we will depart to reach at Ancient Olympia. Overnight in Olympia


  • We will start by visiting the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the place that first Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. There is a temple of Zeus the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus which in antiquity was housing one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world, the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, which Phedias had created. Then visit the temple of Hera, the shrine of Pelops (one of the oldest in the sanctuary), the Council house where the athletes took the Olympic oath, the Treasury houses, the Gymnasium and the Palestra where they used to exercise for a month prior to the Games. Finally come to the Stadium, where the marble starting blocks are still in position. Although secluded near the west coast of the Peloponnese, Olympia became the most important religious and athletic center in Greece. We leave Ancient Olympia to visit Chlemoutsi Castle in the Kastro-Kyllini municipality, one of the most important and best-preserved castles maintaining its Frankish character intact.  After all we will depart to kalavryta. We will  pay a visit in the sights of the city of Kalavryta and passing by the Municipal Museum of the Holocaust of Kalavryta and the site of the execution during the Second World War, we will head towards the monastery of Mega Spilaio.  This beautiful monastery lies on a 120 meter rock just 10 km away from Kalavryta. It was built-in 362 A.D. by two brothers on the exact spot (cave) that the icon of Virgin Mary was discovered by a shepherd girl. The icon of Virgin Mary was created by Apostle Lucas from mastic and wax. The monastery has been burnt 5 times, the last time being in 1943, when the Germans burned the monastery and killed the monks. The view from the monastery is very impressive. Overnight in Kalaryta


  • Today you will start with a tour at the mysterious, magnificent and unique "Cave of the Lakes". A rare creation of Nature. Small and large lakes, 13 in total, with different colors each one, depending on the oxides contained in the rocks.  Then you will get the Cog Railway (Odontotos) which links Kalavrita with Diakopto going through Vouraikos Canyon, is one of the most beautiful natural sights and is one of the most spectacular railway rides in Greece. It has been mentioned as the most beautiful train trip in Balkans. The journey end at the town of “Diakofto” area a small traditional village! We leave Kalavryta and reach Messolonghi and the Garden of Heroes placed at the entrance of the city, within its walls. The Garden of Heroes is dedicated to all the political and military figures that have their place along the long history of this town. The largest part of this garden is dedicated to the fighters of the Greek War of Independence, who fought for the freedom of Messolongi.  After this short stop, we continue our journey to Ioannina.  After a panoramic tour of the city we will check in at our hotel. Overnight in Ioannina


  • After our breakfast, we will visit Ioannina Castle, the fortified old town, whose present fortification dates to the reconstruction under Ali Pasha and the old synagogue of Ioannina, also called Inner Synagogue, located just inside the Kastro on the flank of what was the old Jewish quarter.  This synagogue was constructed in 1826 and is one of the largest and most splendid Jewish religious buildings in Greece that are still standing.  We will make our way to Lake Pamvotis and use the regular boat service to Ioannina Island where we will visit Ali Pasha’s house and the Museum of Ali Pasha, housed in the cells of the Monastery of Ag. Panteleimonas, where he was murdered.  We will proceed to the Stalactite-rich Perama Cave, 4km from Ioannina, among Greece’s largest and most impressive caves. Discovered by accident in 1940 by residents fleeing bomb attacks, it covers an area of 14.800 square metres and the 1100m of its fairy-tale passageways can be explored on hourly guided tours.  We leave Ioannina and continue to Vikos Gorge about 40 km away.  Vikos Gorge is found in the Zagori region and is listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width.  The Gorge, with its northwest-southeast direction, has been carved over millions of years by the Voidomatis River and is a site of major scientific interest. We will leave Vikos Gorge and head to Metsovo. Overnight in Metsovo. 


  • After breakfast we will walk through Metsovo, the famous vlach village, full of life throughout the year, and particularly during the winter.  It is the birthplace of various national benefactors, such as Tositsa, whose mansion houses the Folk Art Museum.  We will then visit the underground cellars of the famous Katogi Averoff Boutique hotel and winery and choose among a wide selection of wines accompanied by local flavors.  Leaving Metsovo we will head to the sources of Aoos, situated at an altitude of 1,340 meters, where we will see the artificial lake built there for the water and electricity needs of the nearby area. We will admire the beautiful landscape around the lake and then depart to reach at Veria, the capital of Imatheia, and to Vergina, the site of the ancient Aigai, the first capital of Macedon.  We will see the King's tombs, one of them of Alexander the Great’s father and former king and finally will arrive in Thessaloniki where we will check in at our hotel. Overnight in Thessaloniki. 


  • After our breakfast we will drive along to Ouranoupolis in order to take the ferry for Mount of Athos that is called Virgin Mary’s garden. The jewel of Orthodoxy. The place where Holy Fathers have lived for centuries in enlightenment and continue to do so. For the devout Christian, it is a place of spiritual enlightenment, a place of worship, a chance for reflection, meditation and spiritual renewal. The ferry departs at 14.00 starting from Ouranoupolis and we will see 7 monasteries, and our English speaking guide will explain everything about the monasteries. The duration of the tour is about 3 hours. At the end about 19.00, our driver pick you up and driving to your hotel at Thessaloniki for overnight. Overnight in Thessaloniki.


  • Today we will become familiar with the capital of Macedonia and the second-largest city in Greece. After our breakfast we will visit the Jewish cemetery, the Jewish Synagogue, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, the Holocaust Memorial, the Memorial at the former Jewish cemetery morover we will visit the White Tower or ‘Lefkos Pyrgos’, the Triumphal Arch of Galerius (Kamara), the Rotunda, the central Aristotelous Square, the historical quarter of Ladadika and the traditional markets of Modiano or ‘Louloudadika’ the flower market. at the end of the tour we wil lelave Thessaloniki to reach at Kalambaka  – Meteora for Overnight


  • After our breakfast we will visit Meteora enjoying a unique and most impressive scenery of ageless monasteries, containing priceless historical and religious treasures, standing between Earth and Sky atop huge rocks. We visit the first great monastery of Varlaam, founded on the 16th century and located on the top of a rock at 380m height! The Monastery of Varlaam is the second largest monastery in the Metéora complex, with the largest number of monks (seven) of the male monasteries.  Our second visit will be at the Monastery of St. Stephan, of the 15th century, also built on the top of the top of another huge rock where you will admire a small treasure of Byzantine and Christian items, at the museum inside the monastery!  We will continue to Larissa where we will stop at the synagogue, the only one remained of Larissa’s once flourishing seven synagogues.  We will drive towards Volos and Pilion, the homeland of the Centaurs. Overnight in Volos. 


  • Today you will have time at leisure to explore Pilion, its surrounding countryside and any one of its 24 villages. You will have the time to enjoy the traditional Pelian architecture, the local food with its most famous dish, spentzofai made with spicy sausage and peppers and the orchard fruit, especially firiki, a famous apple variety. Overnight in Delphi


  • Today we will have a tour in Delphi. We will visit Castalia Spring, visit at the archaeological site and view the monument of the Argive Kings, the treasury of the Athenians, the Athenian Stoa, the Polygonal Wall, the monument of Platea and the Temple of Apollo famous for its oracle and Delphi museum, with its spectacular exhibits include the frieze of the Treasury of the Sifnians etc. Then we will visit the traditional Village of Arachova, where you can taste the traditional cheese, Arachova’s formaela, in various forms, before to reach at "Distomo area" to visit the memorial of holocaust. The Distomo massacre was a Nazi war crime perpetrated by members of the Waffen-SS in the village of Distomo, Greece, in 1944, during the German. Next stop will be at the Byzantine monastery of Òssios Loukás, situated in a picturesque valley teemed with olive trees. Hosios Loukas (Greek: Ὅσιος Λουκᾶς) is a historic walled monastery situated near the town of Distomo, in Boeotia, Greece. It is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine architecture and art, and has been listed on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. At the end of the tour we will reach in Athens for Overnight


Our driver meet you at your hotel to transfer you at Athens airprot according to your flight details.


  • Ancient Synagogue & Ancient Agora of Athens
  • Beth Shalom Synagogue
  • Etz Haim Synagogue
  • Jewish tour at the Museum of Athens
  • Mycenae -Epiduarus - Nafplio - Mystras
  • Chelmoutsi Castle in Kyllini
  • Municipal Museum of the Holocaust of Kalavryta
  • Mega Spilaio of Kalavryta
  • Cog Raylways Journey & Cave of Lakes
  • Garden of Heroes in Messologi
  • Sunagogue of Ioannina
  • Perama Cave & Vikos Gorge
  • Lake Aoos - Metsovo
  • Sunagogue of Veria
  • Cruise at Mount of Athos
  • Synagogue of Thessaloniki & city of Thessaloniki
  • Synagogue of Larissa
  • Village of Pilion & city of Volos
  • Delphi & Holocaust of Distomo - Osios Loucas Monastery


  • Transportation with private car or minivan
  • English Speaking driver
  • Transfer from/to Athens airport / hotel
  • 13 Nights’ accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast at the hotel
  • Welcome Bag with Gifts upon your arrival
  • All Taxes


  • Entrance fees at archaeological sites
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Hotel City tax


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