Mani - Peloponnese

Welcome to Peloponnese and Lakoniki Mani where you can see and enjoy stone built houses and impressive towers next to prickly pear cacti, dashing old tower villages, impressive caves, byzantine churches, beautiful beaches and unique local gastronomy. Let yourself be taken by the wild beauty of the rocks next to the sea. Discover Lakoniki Mani and its most revealing spots with our special tour packages that cover the hidden beauty of Peloponnese.


In the charming town of Areopoli you will travel back to the past, walk on cobblestone streets and see impressive towers! Take a tour around the town’s unique narrow alleys. Visit the Taxiarchon Church, the 17th Martiou square, as well as the towers of chieftains Kapetanakou, Mparelakou and Pikoulaki. Enjoy your stay in traditional guesthouses and make a stop to enjoy your meal and beverage in tavernas, cafés and bars. Areopoli is the ideal base for your trips around Lakoniki Mani.


On your way from Areopoli down the mountain side, in a little bay with deep blue coloured sea and the stone built houses, literally hanging from the rocky slopes, you will encounter a magical place called Limeni. This little village was once a settlement and port belonging to the Mavromichali family. Today Areopoli is one of the most picturesque settlements in Greece, renowned for its fish tavernas next to the sea shore and the charming background of the Mavromichalis tower.


Built on a hill overlooking the bay, Oitylo is a history-laden village. According to Homer during the Mycenaean Age this town used to belong to the Kingdom of Menelaos and took part in the Trojan War with its ships. Today the area is a perfect destination to relax in one of its accommodations, built with a traditional architecture style, and offer you unique views to the sea. Travel back in time by walking on the towns cobblestoned streets while passing by its picturesque square, stone built houses and traditional cafés.


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