Milos Island for Solo Travelers

Milos is known for its many hidden beauties for travelers. For many people traveling solo, may sounds wired but, times are changing and trips for solo travelers are becoming a trend and are high in our tours’ list.

Below, you will find advises and ideas for individual travelers.

  • First of all, if you decide to travel abroad, you should find a local agent for the organization of your trip who will provide you 24 hours service so that to feel safe each and every moment of your staying and have someone taking care of any issue that may arise all day long.
  • If you are visiting the Greek islands, it would be nice to choose the local tours and cruises with which, not only you will have the chance to view exquisite places, but also find other travelers to hang around and make new acquaintances.
  • When travelling alone, you may choose to change your plans according to your desire, spend as many hours as you wish in each location that you visit and decide where to eat and most important, how much you want to spend.

We suggest you to visit Milos, since it is a unique destination for everyone who likes nice beaches, good food and the traditional architecture of the islands. Milos does not offer the “wild” nightlife as Mykonos, but we assure you that you will feel deep in your hearts, the famous Cycladic hospitality. When in Milos, you will feel as you are transferred in a completely different reality, the lunar beach of Sarakiniko will make you wonder if you are still in planet earth, or even whether you have discovered paradise!

Do not miss out the chance to visit Sykia beach, It is a very special place that you want to see in your trip to Milos. It is only approached by sea; thus, you may choose one of the many daily cruises that go around the many beaches and stops in Sykia. There you will find a cave with no roof and  with the classic clear turquoise waters that are available in Milos. As far as the accommodation is concerned, Milos has maintained its unique Cycladic culture and you may find many beautiful establishments by the sea that you will enjoy very much.


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