Mani - Pyrgos Dirou, Gerolimenas, Vatheia & Tainaro Cape

Visit a secret underground world, divided into three caves, 4km away from the town of Pyrgos Dirou. The caves Spilaia Glyfada or Vlychada, Alepotrypa (meaning foxhole) and Katafygi are all in their own way beautiful and of rare archaeological value. At the Vlychada cave you will enjoy a 3,100m. tour of which only 300m are on dry land, for the rest of the excursion you will embark on a boat. The boat trip will drive you through several beautiful chambers with fanciful Greek names such as the Crossroads of Nymphs, the sea of shipwrecks etc. You can also visit the Neolithic Museum where you will see findings from the Paleolithic Age.


Further down south you will encounter Gerolimena, an alluring little coastal village of wild natural beauty protected by cape Cavo Grosso. Gerolimena derives from the Greek words ‘Ieros Limin’ which means ‘sacred port’. This village was once a port of great interest. Numerous traditional restaurants, cafés and accommodations are open all year round waiting for you to pay a visit. Taste fresh fish by the seashore and enjoy the quiet and fascinating sea view.


On your way towards Tainaro you will encounter a little village called Vatheia where little towers emerge from the palms of a hillside. These forts were initially built in the 18th and 19th century with a traditional architectural style and used as defensive battlements. In the 1980’s several of these constructions were restored thanks to the ambitious project of the G.N.T.O. Travel back to the past by wandering about the settlements’ alleys.
At the edge of cape Tainaro, enjoy Marmari and Porto Kagio where superb sandy beaches with clear waters can offer you an excellent place to play with sand and enjoy a swim during the warmest months of the year!

Tainaro Cape

Explore the southernmost point of mainland Greece and Balkan Peninsula, where Ancient Greeks marked the area as a passage to the underworld. Begin your walk from Agion Asomaton Church, built with stones from the ancient temple Tainaro of Poseidon. Take an eastern direction to see a temple carved on a rock and a sea cave where Hercules faced Cerberus. You can also go west where you can admire traces from an ancient roman settlement such as the renowned 1st century B.C. mosaic. From here take 45 minute hike and reach the Akrotainaro lighthouse where the Ionian meets the Aegean sea. Close your eyes and let the myth-laden scenery exert its power on you!


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