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8 Days Christian Tour in Greece with Patmos and the Grotto of Apocalipses

RealityCheck3 Toronto, Canada

7 Days Christian Tour with Patmos island (Footsteps of Paul) and 3 Days Greek Islands

We really enjoyed very much the "7 Days Christian Tour with Patmos Island". Our driver for five days, Nikos Nakos, was very nice and he was always ready to please us in any request that we had, for example where and when we want to stop to eat or any other concerns that we had. He was just outstanding, I really missed him after he let us go to take the boat to Patmos Island.
The other guides all were very good, specially the lady in Filippoi, and Antoni Dimas in Patmos Island. The 3 Days Tours in Greek Island were also good, the Volcano and Hot Springs in Santorini, is for young persons
I love Greece , I enjoyed the tours, the food and the olive oil. We are very glad with Private Tours Greece and their service and we highly recommend them without any hesitation.



8 Days Christian Tour in Greece with Patmos and the Grotto of Apocalipses


Wonderful Church Trip

We were a group of 10 persons from london and we visited for 7 days Greece. We visited all the places that St. Paul went to and the island of Patmos. As soon as we got there until the departure the trip was very comfortably organized. The driver (Vasilios) was always on time with a smile on his face and extremely welcoming and friendly. In emergency cases and cases of illness he was very helpful and reacted quickly.

The hotels were very well chose and the hospitality was great. All the foods were delicious and were cooked with patience, care and were perfectly cooked well. We recommend private Tours Greece for whoever wants to journey through the mysteries of Greece and whoever wants to understand what Greek hospitality is.

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